Week 15 / Week 17

Powerpoints (in PDF format): Feudalism Norman Conquest The Church Audio: Battle Of Hastings Battle Of Stramford Bridge Causes Of Feudalism Duties Lord Vassal Edward The Confessor Exploding William The Conqueror Norman Warrior Serf Dues William Claim England Articles: SOURCE BOOK ARTICLE anglo-saxon chronicle and Domesday Book SOURCEBOOK ARTICLEinvestiture Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII SOURCEBOOK […]

Week 14

Powerpoints (in PDF format): Merovinigian Franks Vikings Audio: Brunhilde Clovis Merovingian Military Salic Law Articles: Charlemagne and the Unification of Dark Ages Europe by Miranda Dragons from the Sea by Graham

Week 1

Week 1 Text Reading: Prologue Powerpoints: Archaeology Dinosaurs Neolithic Era and Early Civilizations Paleotonology Sue the T-Rex and the Field Museum The Alps Iceman Audio: Asteroid Dinosaur Wars Sue Money Articles: Two Heads Are Better Than One How To Make A History Channel Documentary